Patterns in River of Steel's "Community Spotlight"

Patterns in River of Steel's "Community Spotlight"

Rivers of Steel showcases regional industrial and cultural heritage through tours, workshops, and festivals while supporting economic revitalization and preserving cultural resources.  The organization recently featured Patterns of Meaning in their Community Spotlight blog.


Preserving Industrial Heritage: A Collaboration with Rivers of Steel

With the help of funding from the Rivers of Steel Mini-Grant Program, the Patterns team is working to remove a second acquired collection of artifacts from National Tube Works in McKeesport for storage and cataloging at the Energy Innovation Center studio. This process includes identifying additional items to add to the Rivers of Steel archives. These patterns are a significant piece of our regional history, representing the craftsmanship and ingenuity of past generations.

Also, Patterns of Meaning will participate in Rivers of Steel's Hammer In Festival this April. This opportunity allows us to share our project with a broader audience, furthering our mission to honor our past and inspire our future.

We thank Rivers of Steel for their support and recognition of our work. Together, we are preserving the rich industrial legacy of our region for current and future generations to enjoy.

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