Patterns of Meaning

     Patterns of Meaning is an unprecedented collection of industrial artifacts,  paintings, and sculpture honoring the industrial era.  This assemblage includes foundry patterns dating from the late 1890s to the early 1900s and their corresponding blueprints, enhanced with original art inspired by the collection.

The Mission:  Honoring the Past, Impacting the Future 

Patterns of Meaning honors the sacrifices made by the workers and innovators who built the U.S. and the world.   Patterns serves as an example of taking what worked from the past and moving it into the present day by applying technology and innovation to push us forward into the future.   The founders also hope to encourage future generations to pursue industrial trades, a most-needed trend for future workforce development. 




Artistic Collaboration

In addition to preserving the patterns, the Patterns Artistic Team creates new works of art such as decorative and architectural design elements out of ceramics and glass.  

Meet the Patterns of Meaning Artistic Team



Patterns' permanent exhibit at the Energy Innovation Center, Pgh PA


Purchase Patterns Artwork 

Artwork purchased through Patterns of Meaning supports the Patterns of Meaning Collection as well as the artists involved with the collection. 

Inquire here to purchase Patterns of Meaning art.  

Be a Part of History and Contribute to This Project 


Opportunities for contributions to aid in restoring, preserving, and exhibiting this significant historic steel mill artifact collection through purchases.


Donations are recognized with "Thank You" gifts, including cards, booklets, posters, t-shirts, fine art prints, original paintings, and artwork.


For further information, event updates, tours, or to contribute to the preservation efforts, please contact:

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