Artistic Team

Meet the Patterns of Meaning Artistic Team 


Cory Bonnet, Founder

A Pittsburgh-based oil painter and preservationist, Cory Bonnet depicts contemporary, nostalgic scenes of the city and its environs, employing salvaged materials. Director of Pittsburgh Gateways Arts Corridor and Founder of Patterns of Meaning, Bonnet holds a BFA from Edinboro University. Recognized as '2017 Preservationist of the Year,' his commitment to sustainability, evident in his LEED AP credentials, influences his art, which exudes optimism and hometown beauty. Actively involved in community development and charities, Bonnet's work resides at Shehady Gallery and by appointment at the Energy Innovation Center, Pittsburgh, PA. Explore his art at


A.J. Collins

A.J Collins, the artist behind JOWDY Ceramic Design Studio, creates ceramics for homes and interiors. His portfolio spans marbled vases, 'landscape' vessels, and precise midcentury bowls, each blending artistry and functionality. AJ infuses harmony into every piece, handcrafted in his Pittsburgh studio, exploring the interplay of line, form, and function. 

Brian Engel

Brian Engel brings a wealth of diverse experiences to his art and design process. His early creative endeavors were deeply inspired by the rural southwest where he was born and raised. A Gulf War veteran with four years of service in the U.S. Military and a background as a wildland firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service, Brian's artistic journey is enriched by these varied chapters of his life.

Twenty years ago, Brian shifted his focus from fighting fires to crafting art using fire as his medium. Over a decade, he managed glass studios at a local nonprofit glass education center. Currently working as an independent artist, Brian has taken the helm or collaborated on numerous large-scale lighting installation projects, showcasing his creative vision.  Find Brian's work on Instagram. 

Nate Lucas

Nate Lucas, hailing from Ebensburg, Pennsylvania, draws inspiration for his sculptural wood artistry from the natural world of Western Pennsylvania. His deep connection to nature's patterns shines through innovative techniques, contributing to the Patterns of Meaning artifacts—creating chandeliers and collaborative installations. His work embodies a fusion of craftsmanship and artistic expression.


Angela Tumolo Neira 

Angela Tumolo Neira grew up in Pittsburgh, earned a BFA in Sculpture from Carnegie Mellon University, and currently lives in San Diego, working as a designer. She joined the Patterns of Meaning Team, parallel to her career as a Store & Product Designer & Visual Merchandiser. This project allowed her to work with artifacts of an industry that supported her grandparents and their seven children in Pittsburgh. Inspired by the profound philosophy that everything is connected, her work seeks to unravel the tapestry of existence, revealing the beauty in the amalgamation of disparate elements. Drawn to these discarded, forgotten, and overlooked fragments of industry, she reflects on the lives of the people who built their lives building this city, their spirituality, and their culture. She seeks to create a space that may make the viewer consider the worker and their lives. In the process of creating, she acts as a curator, creating a space of introspection.

Mia Tarducci

Mia Tarducci, raised in Newport, RI, now based in Pittsburgh, PA, transitioned to oil painting a decade after studying art history. Her prolific career includes annual solo shows and museum exhibitions, recognized by esteemed jurors from MoMA, Guggenheim, and Carnegie Museum. Honored as an emerging artist, her evocative works adorn collections worldwide and feature in prestigious art publications.  View her work at 

Contact Cory Bonnet to inquire about Patterns of Meaning artwork.