Patterns of Meaning Introduced to the Steel Industry at AISTECH 2022

Patterns of Meaning Introduced to the Steel Industry at AISTECH 2022

Patterns of Meaning was introduced to the steel industry in May 2022 in conjunction with AISTECH 2022, the annual Association for Iron and Steel Technology conference- the world’s largest steel manufacturer and support industry meeting. The size and scope of this enormous and versatile collection allowed conference attendees to experience Patterns of Meaning across four venues in Pittsburgh, PA. 

AISTECH Exhibition Venues 

Pittsburgh International Airport 

Attendees to the Conference first came into contact with Patterns of Meaning at the Pittsburgh International Airport.  A Patterns installation welcomed visitors as they arrived at the airport.  



Four posters greeting travelers as they exit from the people mover remain displayed at the Airside Terminal, . 


AISTECH 2022 Iron and Steel Exposition

Patterns of Meaning was present with a booth at the trade show’s exposition hall during the event. 

Patterns of Meaning Exhibit at the Energy Innovation Center. 

A special reception at the Energy Innovation Center, where the exhibit is on permanent display, was held for conference attendees.  This allowed for viewing a more considerable outlay of artifacts and art. Patterns also prepared a temporary exhibition at the Carnegie Science Center for a conference VIP event on May 17th. 

Dedicated to preserving, restoring, and continuing exhibition of historical artifacts, paintings, and sculptures, Patterns of Meanings seeks to honor the sacrifices made by the workers and innovators such as those in the steel industry. AISTECH provided the perfect setting to introduce the collection to this industry.  

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