Cast in Steel 2024

Cast in Steel 2024

SFSA's Cast in Steel 2024 Competition

This April, Patterns' Founder and Artist Cory Bonnet returned to the Grohmann Museum in Milwaukee to represent Patterns of Meaning at Cast in Steel 2024 - a metallurgy competition for college students.  The Steel Founders' Society of America (SFSA) organizes this competition to celebrate steel's physical properties and imaginative uses. Over 30 university engineering departments with 40 teams competed in casting or forging Halligan bars while spectators watched them in action.  

During the event, Raymond Monroe, Executive Vice President of SFSA, highlighted the relationship of Patterns of Meaning to the importance of manufacturing. 

"If we're going to make manufacturing really important, we need people in general culture to believe what we do is critical, and we need people in the arts communities and artisan community to really understand how important manufacturing is, so we are excited about the collaboration with the Grohmann Museum and the efforts that Cory is doing to really help us communicate to people in general how important manufacturing is."  


Thank you to SFSA for inviting Patterns to the event. 

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