Featured Artist:  A.J. Collins and JOWDY

Featured Artist: A.J. Collins and JOWDY

The Artistry of A.J. Collins and JOWDY Studio

A.J. Collins is the artist behind JOWDY, a ceramic design studio where functional ceramics meet artistic expression. With a focus on blending clean designs, vibrant colors, and intricate forms, A.J. creates pieces that serve practical purposes and add beauty to daily life. 

Using traditional techniques like wheel throwing and slab building, A.J. brings his visions to life. His careful choice of clay and glazes makes his ceramics stand out, which, along with mixing his own colors and using pigmented porcelain, creates pieces that are visually stunning and full of depth.

JOWDY photos by Matt Dayak 



Constantly experimenting with new ideas and materials, a recent project involved crafting ceramic pieces inspired by different landscapes. Instead of just copying what he sees, he aims to capture the essence of each place he explores.



JOWDY ceramics pictured below with Patterns of Meaning at the Grohmann Museum.  

Grohmann Photos by Mike DeSisti

Connect with JOWDY Studio 

When releasing a new design, A.J. shares them through his mailing list, which can be found here.  He can also be found on Instagram at @jowdystudio and welcomes visitors to his studio, showing his dedication to sharing his passion with others.

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