Featured Artist Nate Lucas:  Bridging Patterns Through Wood Artistry

Featured Artist Nate Lucas: Bridging Patterns Through Wood Artistry

Not long after the acquisition of the Patterns collection, Founder Cory Bonnet realized there was more than a two-dimensional aspect to this collection. He looked to his relationships with other regional artists for collaboration, inviting them to view the collection. It was during the pandemic - an uncertain time for artists; they were all at a point where they were re-evaluating their work and looking for new projects. The first step was to invite them in to see their reaction and if the collection inspired them. As it turned out, it did, and they jumped on board.

This collaborative effort expanded the artistic offerings of the Patterns collection to include ceramics, glass, wood, and sculpture. The results include casting new objects from the existing patterns to create decorative and architectural design elements out of ceramics, glass, and wood for retail and wholesale markets.

Meet the Patterns of Meaning Collaborative Team 

This post is the first in a series featuring Patterns' artistic team members. First up is Nate Lucas. 

Nate Lucas: Bridging Patterns Through Sculptural Wood Artistry

Nate Lucas, an artist born in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania, grew up among the woods and streams of Western Pennsylvania. Nate's artistic journey bloomed in this environment, and he drew inspiration from the harmonious patterns of nature that form his art.

A new application for incorporating patterns 

Nate uses innovative techniques and a profound connection with nature's patterns to reveal and enhance the hidden beauty in the Patterns of Meaning artifacts. His role in the collaborative has included constructing objects such as the Patterns chandeliers and contributing to a collaborative installation.   His art stands as a testament to the harmonious convergence of craftsmanship and artistic expression. 



Nate Lucas
Salvage old growth black walnut 
W/1 1/4" Columbia Forest Products PureBond Maple Top 


Patterns Chandeliers
The chandeliers were a collaborative effort - designed by Angela Neira, lighting by Andrew Moschetta with Ketra Lighting, and constructed by Nate Lucas using casting patterns from the collection and chain.


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