Featured Artist:  Designer Angela Tumolo Neira

Featured Artist: Designer Angela Tumolo Neira

Meet Patterns Designer Angela Tumolo Neira 

Angela Tumolo Neira

Angela Tumolo Neira is the visionary designer behind the Patterns of Meaning exhibition displays. Whether working in a compact space or a spacious gallery, Angela seamlessly integrates steel artifacts with contemporary art to create cohesive and stunning presentations.  

Angela grew up in Pittsburgh, earned a BFA in Sculpture from Carnegie Mellon University, and currently works as a designer in San Diego. Parallel to her career as a store and product designer and visual merchandiser, she joined the Patterns of Meaning Team. This project allowed her to work with artifacts of an industry that supported her grandparents and their seven children in Pittsburgh. 

Inspired by the profound philosophy that everything is connected, her work seeks to unravel the tapestry of existence, revealing the beauty in the amalgamation of disparate elements. Drawn to these discarded, forgotten, and overlooked fragments of industry, she reflects on the lives of the people who built their lives building this city, their spirituality, and their culture. She seeks to create a space that may make the viewer consider the worker and their lives. In the process of creating, she acts as a curator, creating a space of introspection.


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