Patterns of Meaning at The Warhol's 30th Anniversary Gala

Patterns of Meaning at The Warhol's 30th Anniversary Gala

Patterns of Meaning proudly contributed design elements to The Warhol's 30th Anniversary Gala, a sold-out event held on Saturday, May 18th, 2024 at River of Steel’s Carrie Blast Furnaces.  This National Historic Landmark’s raw, industrial atmosphere provided an ideal setting for Patterns' art, underscoring the dialogue between our industrial past and contemporary creativity.

Expansive Design Elements  

Flyspace Productions incorporated Patterns of Meaning chandeliers and other transitional pieces to manage the expansive venue.  The collaboration included two chandeliers from Patterns artists Nate Lucas and Cory Bonnet, whose chandelier illuminated the Power House and a glass faceted chandelier by Brain Engel as the anchor piece for the formal dining area.


Patterns' Centerpieces 


Additionally, the Patterns artistic team of Cory Bonnet, A.J. Collins, Brian Engel, Nate Lucas, and Mia Tarducci created over 40 pieces of art that served as centerpieces throughout the event. These pieces were not just decorations but storytelling elements, bridging the venue's industrial past with the forward-thinking spirit of the Patterns collection.


"Bessemer Blow Off" 
oil and pigment on panel with salvaged wooden foundry pattern frame 

"Idle Wheel Attachment" 
salvaged industrial drawing with salvaged walnut frame 

"Press Mold #18, #16" 
cast glass/wood 



A Night to Remember

By tying together elements of history, art, and sustainability, Patterns of Meaning helped create a memorable and meaningful evening.

We thank The Warhol and Flyspace Productions for incorporating Patterns of Meaning into this special event.

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